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Pickleball Canada

• Pickleball Canada encourages FUN round robin tournaments however they do not endorse awarding points unless there is an elimination component to the tournament. In our case, Pickleball Canada will provide insurance to participating members however, they will not award points since we do not have time to do an elimination for each ranking.
• All players must have a membership with Pickleball Canada for insurance purposes.
Pickleball Canada has changed its new and renewal membership procedure.For more information, visit
Check your membership status at the following: / Member Log-In / My Membership Information / Other Information / Membership Card PDF (as illustrated below)

• Both your PCO #________ and a current expiry date ____________ are required to participant in this tournament.
You may submit your registration form and fees prior to purchasing or renewing your PCO membership. We trust that you will have your membership up-to-date shortly and advise us accordingly well ahead of the tournament date.


Our tournament will follow the following rules:

• Pickleball Canada recommends that all play, both tournament and recreational, be played according to the official IFP rules.
• Click for IFP 2020 Official rules.
• The USAPA 2020 Rules Change Document identifies all revisions and reasons for them.
• Non-compliant equipment is not permitted and the latest Indoor ball will be used.



Kelowna Secondary School

• 1079 Raymer Ave, Kelowna, BC 
• Ample parking is available in the parking lots. Gymnasium doors will be open at 7:15 AM. 
• The gym facilities have 8 courts modified for our needs. 
• Vending machines are available in the lobby.
• Washrooms are adjacent to the lobby area.


Tournament Format

• Everyone is guaranteed to play 7 games. 
• A maximum of 64 players will be allowed in the morning event and a maximum of 64 players for the afternoon event.
• In this tournament, you sign up as individuals and so no partners are required.


Player Expectations

• Players must check in 15 minutes before their first scheduled game and be ready to play on-time.
• All games will commence with a 2-minute warm up. The team serving first will be decided by a coin toss or equivalent. The winner of the coin toss will have the option to serve, receive or court side. The opponents choose from the remaining options.
• Players will referee their own games. The serve shall not commence until after the server has called the score. Players are responsible for calling all line faults on their court. All calls are to be made instantaneously, and good etiquette says close calls are ALWAYS awarded to your opponents. The Official Scorekeeper will record the scores. The Tournament Director will settle all disputes.
• There will be no re-plays, other than what are in the IFP Rules.
• All games are to 11 points.
• The winning team shall indicate the results of the game to the Official Scorekeeper and he/she will post the results on the Official Result Wall Chart.
• Once all games in the event are completed, the points are tallied for each individual. The top 3-point getters for each court are awarded medals. In the event of a tie, there will be no tie breakers. All winners will be awarded medals.
• SECURE YOUR VALUABLES! Non-marking court shoes, not normally worn outdoors, shall be worn.


• The Tournament Director ONLY may authorize a spare/substitute into the tournament.
• Entry fees must be paid prior to play.



• Lunch will be provided from 11:30 AM until 2:30 PM. 
• Both morning and afternoon groups are invited to mix and mingle during the noon hour while having lunch.

Timeline / Day's Program

March 16, 2019 Last day to register
March 23, 2019 Last day for refunds
March 30, 2019 The final Game Schedule will be posted on website and emailed to participants


April 6, 2019 - Day's Program
  Morning Program  
  7:15 AM until 1:00 PM Registration Desk open
  7:15 AM Open courts for morning warm-up. Games to a maximum of 5 points. We would also like all morning players to be registered by 7:50 AM to allow adequate time for warm-ups and to make sure we have enough time to deal with unexpected last minute cancellations.
  8:10 AM Welcome, Introductions & Group Picture
  8:30 AM Tournament Play Begins
  11:30 PM - 2:30 PM Lunch provided
  12:30 PM Medal Award Presentation, 49/51 Morning Fund Raiser Draw, and Morning Door Prize Draws (you have to be present at the draw to win)
  Afternoon Program  
  Until 2:30 PM Lunch available. Afternoon players are encouraged to register around noon so that they enjoy the lunch provided and mix & mingle with other players.
  12:45 - 1:10 PM Open courts for morning warm up, games to a maximum of 5 points
  1:10 PM Welcome, Introductions & Group Picture
  1:30 PM Afternoon Tournament begins
  5:30 PM Medal Award Presentation and Afternoon Door Prize Draws (you have to be present at the draw to win)



• All Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will have photos taken with medals as illustrated below. These photos will be posted on our website. In lieu of winners keeping the medals, winners will receive commemorative pins in the color of their win as illustrated below. The design will be similar to the one below but will reflect our new name and logo. You may consider wearing it on your hat or clothing as testimony of your win.


Photo Authorization

• Photos will be taken during the event. A group picture of the winners and some action shots for publication and advertising purposes may be taken. 
• If you do NOT want your picture or name published please advise the Tournament Director or photographer prior to the tournament.


• All participants will be given a ticket upon sign-in on the date of the tournament. This ticket will be used to award a number of door prizes over the course of the event.

• Please bring some cash for the 49/51 fund raising draw which will be held in AM only.

• Prize winners must be present to accept their winnings.



• We will be requiring volunteers for the following: lunch, recording of scores, setting up lines in the gym, general setup, prize draws, registration desk. If interested, contact Ray Timbers for more information.


• Last year, we gave $800 donation to KGH JoeAnna's House.

• 2020 TBA