TBA – Last day to register
TBA – Last day for refunds
TBA – The final Group Roster will be posted on website and emailed to participants

Registration Details

• Registration is based on a first come, first serve basis for each category. Before sending in your Registration Form, check the registration status at http://www.kelownaindoorpickleball.com/groupings.html. NOTE: players on WAITING LIST may still have a chance of participating as there are typically 10 to 15 cancellations prior to game day.
• This tournament is limited to participants 19 yrs of age and older unless the waiver is complete and signed by the parent.
• A Pickleball Canada Waiver must to be signed when you sign-in to register on the day of the tournament.
• Pickleball Canada has changed its new and renewal membership procedure.
       If you’re a new member, visit  https://www.pickleballbc.ca/membersh.html for more information.
       If you joined through a club last year – talk to them about your renewal first.

Check your membership status at the following: https://pickleballcanada.org/

• Both your PCO #________ and a current expiry date ____________ are required to participant in this tournament.

• You may submit your registration form and fees prior to purchasing or renewing your PCO membership. We trust that you will have your membership up-to-date shortly and advise us accordingly well ahead of the tournament date.

Registration Form (TBA)

Registration Form Fillable (TBA)


If your using Safari browser, simply open the fillable registration form and complete the required information. Next, go to File / Save As onto your desktop. Attach this saved document and send it to gilbert@kelownaindoorpickleball.com.

If you’re using Chrome browser, download and open the fillable registration form using Preview and complete the required information. Next, go to File / Export as PDF onto your desktop. Attach this saved document and send it to gilbert@kelownaindoorpickleball.com.


If you are using Adobe Reader, you shouldn’t have any problems completing the fillable form, saving it and then sending to gilbert@kelownaindoorpickleball.com.

You’ll receive a confirmation from the Tournament Registration Coordinator within a day or two.

Registration Procedure

Step 1 – Print and complete the Registration Form above.

Step 2 – Payment Options:

• Attach a cheque payable to “Kelowna Indoor Pickleball”.
 Cash (Please don’t mail coins)
• Recommended: For e-money transfer, send to Gilbert@KelownaIndoorPickleball.com. No question/answer required as the funds are automatically deposited.

Step 3 – Either scan or photograph the Registration Form and email it (include cheque/cash if applicable) to: Gilbert Guenette, 2366 Hawks Blvd, Westbank, BC V4T0A7

Step 4 – You will receive an email confirmation once your registration is processed.

For additional information regarding registration, email Gilbert@KelownaIndoorPickleball.com